Tamarin Serial Number Tracker

Tamarin is a scalable SaS serial number tracking manager for scanning, maintaining and tracking your company's serial numbers and their movements.

We provision the service for you and it's made easy for anyone to start using right away.

Advanced search capabilities and exportable results.

Full history log for serial numbers and transfers.

Mobile friendly for tablet and phones.

Tamarin Features

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Serial Numbers in Tamarin can be standalone or associated with one or more Moves. A Move can be a purchase, sale, transfer in, transfer out, internal transfer, return or replacement.

You can associate multiple serial numbers which belong to multiple products in a single Move. Moves give you the insight to better keep track of the flow of your inventory. It also helps to identify potential problems such as when you have a situation where a single serial number is included in two separate sales.

Tamarin has a connecting point for you to easily launch a new or existing Move from any 3rd party system and start scanning serial numbers. This integration is via a URL taking in various parameters any system will be able to work with.

We currently offer a free integration module for customers running Odoo ERP. Our team would be happy to help you out for whatever system you are running on.

You can of course type in a serial number but Tamarin offers a number of ways:

• Scan a barcode
• Scan a QR code
• Scan or type 2 barcode ranges
• Copy and paste multiple barcodes

Users are able to save certain charaters to ignore to improve the efficiency of copying and pasting from certain unstructured text such as a PDF file.

Due to the nature of serial numbers being entered into the system at different times and with different inputs, the same product can often have inconsistent details across different serial numbers.

Tamarin offers the ability for you to consolidate serial numbers to have consistent product information. This helps to keep your data clean and provide the most accurate search results.

Tamarin Videos

Below are a set of videos which gives you a glimpse of using Tamarin to manage your serial numbers: